Dr. Bulut is appointed as Section Editor for the Maritime Economist.

Dr. Bulut is appointed as Section Editor for the Maritime Economist

THEMARITIME Economist is a magazine edited by the International Association of Maritime Economists. The aim of ME Mag is to combine both theoretical and practical knowledge and promote collaborations among scholars and professionals in the maritime industry. ME Mag is interested in the following topics with maritime focus:

• Economics of maritime transportation (theory, models, practical controversies, etc.);
• Port governance, port competition, port utilization and other port related issues;
• Finance, asset management and investments;
• Management and leadership in the shipping business;
• Operations research, optimization and industrial engineering for maritime problems;
• Maritime policy and governance;
• Maritime business strategy;
• Maritime geography and spatial analysis;
• Behavioral science and human factor;
• Marketing;
• Cruise and ferry industries;
• Short sea shipping;
• Environmental issues and sustainability;
• Risk management;
• Intermodal transport;
• Other related topics.

ME Mag has a particular focus on Maritime Economics and Business while covering many related fields.

ME Mag Has Five Fundamental Functions

Encouraging scholars to present their research in plain language for wider audiences of the maritime industry, Promoting and encouraging R&D partnerships with non-academic institutions (firms, governmental offices, among others) of the maritime industry, Encouraging young scholars to conduct research in maritime topics, Encouraging provocative and critical research, Support collaboration among academia and professionals as well as policy makers.

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